Wonderful Ideas for Summer Fragrances

Picking perfumes for summer can be a little tricky. As you know, when heated any smell gets stronger. The same concerns perfumes. That’s why it’s important to choose a scent that won’t make you uncomfortable, dizzy, etc. It’s much better to get something less concentrated and fresh. Let’s find out how to pick a wonderful fragrance for summertime?

Take into account the following tips

  1. Find out about the concentration before you make a purchase at PerfumeDor or any other store. Even if you only use complex oriental perfumes, you might be able to choose your favorite notes in a scented spray or eau de toilette. Some brands release a whole range of products with the same scent for the users to pick the needed concentration.
  2. Remember that summer is bright, fun, sunny, and adventurous, even if you have to work all season. Get soothing sparking and cheerful to help you feel summer days. Explore such fragrance families as citrus, fruity, oceanic, etc. to enrich your perfume wardrobe.
  3. It’s also a great time to experiment and feel like a real perfumer. You can get some mono fragrances and mix them according to your taste. You’ll not only smell unique but will be able to reflect your current mood as well as change it. In case you’ve never done it before, you should find out which mono scents work best together.

Summer is great for such fragrances as Escada Turquoise Summer, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, etc.